This year, is indeed very special for the catholic community as it is in this particular year about 100 years ago - Our Lady of Fatima appeared at Fatima 13th May 1917 to three children, Francis, Jacinta & Lucia. My trip to Fatima wasn't a planned one, however I had a hope in my mind that I would visit this place as I had come to Lisbon. The place Fatima is just about  an hour an fifteen minutes from Lisbon so taking a road trip to this place was definately on my mind as I heard a lot about it. And Guess what, I was very priviledged to visit this beautiful place in the same Month as the month Our Lady of Fatima Appeared 100 years ago. Yes it was the month of May!

My first thoughts while travelling to this place through a road was "Finally, trip to fatima is happening!" Trust me it was beautiful site as we were approaching the destination - Windmills on a distant view with countryside greenery on the either side of the road made the trip even more beautiful than expected. 

As we finally landed on this particular place and got of the car. The feeling something different, something beautiful, something which can't be put into words. It just felt amazing, the warmth of the sun along with the slight breeze touched the body and soul adding to the serene and peaceful atmosphere that connected you instantly to that particular place. We were approaching the beautiful church when we came across the big rosary at the entrance of the chapel which was shinning as the sunlight passed through it.

As I walked inside through the beautiful place, I just reached in time for the mass which happened to be in English. I truly felt happy and blessed after hearing this. Heading towards the Santuary of Fatima Church, I saw two photos one of Jacinta and the Other of Francis, This was because this year on 13th marking the 100 years of Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, these two children were canonized by Pope Francis to be saints.

What better than releasing this post on the feast of nativity. Happy Feast...

                                                 #BEINGALLYCARAL AT FATIMA


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