DESTINATION INDIA - GOA : Statue of Abbé Faria, Panjim

The state of Goa is known for several things but amongst these the capital is known for one historical statue which is present in the heart of the capital city, Panjim. There might be several possiblities that you must have crossed this statue, but neglected it's presence either because of road traffic or because of their thoughts. Well, that's completely normal it happens. But it's always better to visit the place then hearing about it for several times, and so I decided to visit this place just to see this statue.

Well to give you a little information about this beautiful structure situated in the centre of the Panjim City: This statue is of a prominent hynotist and Luso Goan Catholic Monk, Mr. Abbé Faria. He was one of the pioneers of scientific study of hyponotism. Mr. Faria has deep roots in the state as he was born in Candolim, Bardez - Goa. This statue was a tribute for his work, it's made up of broze and depicts Mr. Faria in action of hyponotising a woman. The same is presented just after the Old Secretariat building. There was several speculations about the sculpter who sculpted this structure one of which who's names we get to know is of Mr. Ramchandra Pandurang Kamat, and the same was sculpted, in the year 1945.

So, the next time you are in the city, do not forget to visit this statue!


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