Destination Rome - The Colosseum

The second most visited spot in Italy, centrally situated in Rome - The inception of this structure can take you back to ancient Roman Empire and it's most preserved heritage. 

Initially, The Colosseum had a Latin name which was - Amphitheatrum Flavium in english it would mean Flavian Amphitheatre. As the same was constructed during Flavian Dystasy way back in 82 A.D. This Latin term is largely used to describe this structure. However, the same is world famous as the Colosseum.

There are several instances and it's successors' stories, which would definitely leave you wondering how old and ancient - is this beautiful structure: that stands alone withstanding all the nature's fury from the past several years.

The structure by itself  had the capacity to hold over 80,000 people with on an average more than 60,000 people for each show. The structure was used as an amphitheatre to display the dramas based on classical mythology, re-enactments of famous battles, gladiatorial contests, executions, animal hunts and so on.

The iconic symbol of Imperial Rome has definitely been damaged due to stone robbers and earthquakes in the past. But it's ancient roman connection makes it a favourite spot. Also, it is believed the significance with Roman Catholic Church too makes it a major tourist attraction. Every year, during Good Friday there is a torch lit 'Way of the Cross' procession led by the Pope near The Colosseum, Thus strengthening it's links more with Roman Catholic Crowd. 
Some of the structure, is still under restoration as it's a very big project to be completeled. However, the Colosseum stays open everyday to host a wide range of tourist coming from everyday from different parts of the world. 

  • According to the Guinness World Record, it still holds the record to be the world's largest amphitheatre.
  • If one has a closer look would clearly give you the Italian version of the five  cent euro coin. 




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