Destination Germany - German Lake

A walk by the German Lake!!!
After arriving in Germany after a long flight, I decided to stroll in beautiful backyard of the hotel to avoid jet-lag situation. And to my amazement I wasn't at all disappointed to do so. As Germany is a very beautiful place, the serenity and peace that one experiences is one of the most loveliest feelings in the world.

Being a Western European country, it has over 2 millennia of history - very rich in terms of it's culture and heritage sites. It has many palaces, windmills and lush green fields with meadows grazing on the way which  It's landscapes, the river-life and the mountains ranges along with the North Sea beach makes it an ideal place to visit for a vacation - be it with friends/ family or just alone!

The 5th largest country in Europe is by and large a huge place with Berlin having the honour to be it's capital city ever since 1990. Earlier seven times the capital city was shifted till again it was decided that the capital will be Berlin. Here people do speak in  German language but as we known Indians are everywhere, you will not be amazed to see several Indians settled in this city. Also one interesting fact about this place is Berlin has more bridges than Venice.

Here the sunset happens always late, say at something at 7pm on the normal days while during summers, the sun takes it's own time to go down - it is as bright as 4pm in the afternoon at 9pm in this particular place.

Tip of the Day:
Go Cycling, exploring this lovely place. Normally, for any day - to - day work, people often either  use public mode of transport or cycles. If you are on a vacation to this place do not forget to book a cycle which you will get at a nominal price and ride through the long deep roads of the city, appreciating and enjoying the fields and small houses situated on the lovely hills of the Germany.


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