The Our Lady of Piety Statue

 The Our Lady of Piety Statue at St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.
Recently, I attended a sermon at the St. Inez Church in Panjim. And during the sermon, the priest spoke about the statue of Michaelangelo, which made me rewind my memory to the day that I visited the St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City. Here’s Michaelangelo’s finest sculpture – the Our lady of Piety statue – most commonly referred to as Pieta. This indeed launched his career making him successful than the work he did previously.

Taking a closer look at the history, as to why this statue was created. Well, it was way back in 1497 when a cardinal Jean de Billheres commissioned Michaelangelo to create a sculture that would be placed in the side of the chapel in Rome, which later went on to become world famous and shifted to the St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.  When Michaelangelo was assigned the work to create a sculpture, he was told he had to create "the most beautiful work of marble in Rome, one that no living artist could better."

Well keeping in mind that, he went on to create this marble sculpture of – Pieta, well it has several wow factors attached to it. The marble used to carve this sculpture was Carrara marble, one of the favorite of the sculptors back then in the ancient Rome. The sculpture depicts the tragic moment of the Virgin Mary holding her son in her arms after Jesus was brought down from the cross. And this is the only artwork of his which he had ever signed.

Even though his sculpture came under several criticism he gracefully accepted them all. And today, everyone regards him as world famous for his this piece of art.

Tip of the Day - Listen to criticism gracefully, but let your work speak for yourself.


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