Golden Roof at Innsbruck

Good Morning Everyone, I once read this somewhere I don't really know who said this but whoever did, it sounded very apt. If you want to visit a place which you cannot afford, read about it! And the job of the writer is to do nothing but to take you to that place without you physically visiting the same.
Today let's together embark on this journey of exploring the Golden Roof of Innsbruck! The title of this monument sounds interesting right? Well, I would say it was this very title of the place that attracted me to visit the lovely place of Innsbruck, in Austria. The place Innsbruck is known for it's historic importance and it is this very place where this beautiful Golden roof is present. This is also known as Goldenes Dachl.

It is believed, that this most city famous symbol was completed in 1500 with roughly 2738 fire glided copper tiles to mark the wedding of Emperor Maximilian I to Bianca Maria Sforza. It was then widely used by the couple to observe festivals, events that took place in the square below. Well, today if one takes a closer look at this monument, it is become a photo square and a world famous attraction, people from different parts of the world explore the legacy of this place.

So if you're planning an a holiday to Europe, don't forget to visit the city of Innsbruck which holds this beautiful monument in the heart of this country.


If you are planning you're holiday in the month of October, do carry a bunch of warm clothes as it does tend to get very windy at times during this time of the year. In case, you want to visit the place and enjoy the snow, well visit it during December to February! Happy Travelling!



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