As I was strolling through the beach at Miramar one evening - I stood there for a minute, thinking about how beautiful this entire scenic view is! And while I was doing this, a thought came to me, if we treat the life like a beach, the waves could be considered to be the various opportunities/ situations that encounter us every single day! It up to us how to react to each, some we defend, while in some we allow the waves to take control. The thought is surely deep but if one takes a closer look everything falls in perspective. Also, I read this somewhere and found it very apt - b.e.a.c.h - best escape anyone can have - truly no matter how tired and annoyed you are, a stroll at the beach admiring the beauty of the place, rejuvenates your mind and soul.

Tip of the day - Life is like a beach, learn to enjoy the waves!!


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