Once a journalist, always a journalist!

Like a seed that was planted about a decade ago, today yes the department of Journalism of St. Xavier's college, Mapusa has indeed come a really long way. 

As the sun raised this morning, I was all set to relive all those wonderful memories spent at Xavier's and well it started with walking up the slope, with great happiness to celebrate the deccenial year celebration of journalism department. I still remember, it was two years back, when I had made up my mind that I would be there for this particular function! come what may!

And well, Here was I, amidst a handful of dignitaries from various media organisation of Goa and India... It was indeed a special moment when the chef guest, Mr. Prabhu Chawla entered the place. The atmosphere which was buzzing with noise of the students, slowly subsided. 

And the formal function begun! Mr. Prabhu Chawla - a well known television anchor (atleast that was the only thing, I knew about him before he actually addressed the gathering) and through his speech, I got to learn that he was also a hardcore reporter - injested a new vibe into the atmosphere of young budding journalist/media personnels. A very straight forward person - passionate in everything that he do! And to a very extent a dynamic personnel adviced the young talent to enter the media field with an open mind and vigilant eye to catch the details of news story using the journalism book principal of 4Ws (who,what,where,when). Not just that he also narrated a few incidences about his career as a reporter/ anchor and the various difficulties he faced!!! He also went on to make a statement that no matter how old I get, I will continue to enjoy working as a correspondent / reporter.

His advice is something that instantly registered in my mind, he said that in order to grow as a journalist one has to regularly meet and interact with various age groups to expand the mindset. Secondly one has to be the king of content and the best type of journalism is competitive journalism especially with your colleagues. And in true sense to grow and proposer - one has to be the king of content!

Tip of the day: Read, Read everyday and Repeat! That sums it up all...


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