Happy Reading!!!

“Sometimes when you lose your way, you find YOURSELF.”

Well, in my case this quote - stands out. Indeed I would say, after loosing my way, I got an opportunity to explore my true self. And indeed, it feels amazing to start this new blog of mine - "Being Allycaral"

This blog - Being Allycaral is about my journey of exploring the ordinary me to the perfect me through the various experiences that I came across while my travelling mode was on. And if I put this in one of the simplest form, well I would say our lives can be thought of as a roller coaster ride. In this journey of life there are several ups and downs of almost anything and everything! And this blog will help you find my experiences - in other words my travel diaries.

Keeping the spirits high, I'm back with yet another blog exploring my life experiences and also here to share the distinctive perspective my life with the world. After the grand success of my two blogs, http://allycaral15.blogspot.in/ & http://perspectivesthroughthepenandlens.blogspot.in/ here's this blog!

I hope you all will have an amazing time reading this blog!!!

This is dedicated to my Dr. Jug!

Thank You!!!

Happy Reading!!!


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