Mayem Lake!

Just like a coin has two sides, in the similar way Growth & progress too can be considered like the either side of the coin. And so, these words indeed are something that we have come across in life some time or the other. Maybe in our professional life or for that matter be it in our personal life.

Each of us, need growth and progress in life - be it professionally or personal growth. If you look back, something around a year's time You will notice you are certainly not the same person that you were, about a year back. And that by it self, is evident that you will not be the person that you are now about year after. Now, how to grow and progress is entirely in our hands.

Once while traveling to place in Goa, I came across a Mayem lake which had a duck swaying in it. And that struck a thought in my mind. A duck which looks calm & compose on the outer side, is very much hardworking as below the water it works very hard to sway to it's destination. In a similar way, consistency and hardwork is the key to any success. Keep working hard, grinding your self to achieve a growth and progress like no other. If some one puts 2 hour in a work, you put 4 hours, remember no one becomes a rockstar over night!

Believe in yourself, work hard and results will be evident.

Tip of the day - Work hard in silence, let the success make the noise.


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