Be a child at heart at Innsbruck!!!

On my recent trip to Innsbruck, while traveling around the place, I came across this particular street that you see in this picture. Well, there was nothing special about this particular street, it was just like any other busy street in the state. I looked around - only to find everyone else was so busy doing their work, be it talking on the phone or for that matter just having a conversation with someone else. In the real time, no one was enjoying the moment. To support this was a fact - that I read a few days back which said about 90% of the people's laughter diminishes with every passing year. That is - the elder you become the laughter disappears. And among this - there was a little kid that instantly caught my attention. Carefree - Happy in real sense she was enjoying the moment. And that is something we all need to learn from that little one. 

Tip of the Day - Laugh a lil more, spread happiness! And that need not be done by doing something big! Small deeds - maybe greeting the sweeper, or gifting a flower to the person you love! Small gesture, do leave behind a deep impression in the lives of your loved ones.


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