Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Once a journalist, always a journalist!

Like a seed that was planted about a decade ago, today yes the department of Journalism of St. Xavier's college, Mapusa has indeed come a really long way. 

As the sun raised this morning, I was all set to relive all those wonderful memories spent at Xavier's and well it started with walking up the slope, with great happiness to celebrate the deccenial year celebration of journalism department. I still remember, it was two years back, when I had made up my mind that I would be there for this particular function! come what may!

And well, Here was I, amidst a handful of dignitaries from various media organisation of Goa and India... It was indeed a special moment when the chef guest, Mr. Prabhu Chawla entered the place. The atmosphere which was buzzing with noise of the students, slowly subsided. 

And the formal function begun! Mr. Prabhu Chawla - a well known television anchor (atleast that was the only thing, I knew about him before he actually addressed the gathering) and through his speech, I got to learn that he was also a hardcore reporter - injested a new vibe into the atmosphere of young budding journalist/media personnels. A very straight forward person - passionate in everything that he do! And to a very extent a dynamic personnel adviced the young talent to enter the media field with an open mind and vigilant eye to catch the details of news story using the journalism book principal of 4Ws (who,what,where,when). Not just that he also narrated a few incidences about his career as a reporter/ anchor and the various difficulties he faced!!! He also went on to make a statement that no matter how old I get, I will continue to enjoy working as a correspondent / reporter.

His advice is something that instantly registered in my mind, he said that in order to grow as a journalist one has to regularly meet and interact with various age groups to expand the mindset. Secondly one has to be the king of content and the best type of journalism is competitive journalism especially with your colleagues. And in true sense to grow and proposer - one has to be the king of content!

Tip of the day: Read, Read everyday and Repeat! That sums it up all...

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Be a child at heart at Innsbruck!!!

On my recent trip to Innsbruck, while traveling around the place, I came across this particular street that you see in this picture. Well, there was nothing special about this particular street, it was just like any other busy street in the state. I looked around - only to find everyone else was so busy doing their work, be it talking on the phone or for that matter just having a conversation with someone else. In the real time, no one was enjoying the moment. To support this was a fact - that I read a few days back which said about 90% of the people's laughter diminishes with every passing year. That is - the elder you become the laughter disappears. And among this - there was a little kid that instantly caught my attention. Carefree - Happy in real sense she was enjoying the moment. And that is something we all need to learn from that little one. 

Tip of the Day - Laugh a lil more, spread happiness! And that need not be done by doing something big! Small deeds - maybe greeting the sweeper, or gifting a flower to the person you love! Small gesture, do leave behind a deep impression in the lives of your loved ones.

Mayem Lake!

Just like a coin has two sides, in the similar way Growth & progress too can be considered like the either side of the coin. And so, these words indeed are something that we have come across in life some time or the other. Maybe in our professional life or for that matter be it in our personal life.

Each of us, need growth and progress in life - be it professionally or personal growth. If you look back, something around a year's time You will notice you are certainly not the same person that you were, about a year back. And that by it self, is evident that you will not be the person that you are now about year after. Now, how to grow and progress is entirely in our hands.

Once while traveling to place in Goa, I came across a Mayem lake which had a duck swaying in it. And that struck a thought in my mind. A duck which looks calm & compose on the outer side, is very much hardworking as below the water it works very hard to sway to it's destination. In a similar way, consistency and hardwork is the key to any success. Keep working hard, grinding your self to achieve a growth and progress like no other. If some one puts 2 hour in a work, you put 4 hours, remember no one becomes a rockstar over night!

Believe in yourself, work hard and results will be evident.

Tip of the day - Work hard in silence, let the success make the noise.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Goan Weddings!!!

Well Goan wedding are the best! Many people be it in Goa or outside without any doubt will definitely agree with me on this. But this wedding was even special because it was my best friends' wedding!

"How long will I love you? As long as the stars above you" This song was the perfect theme song for the both of them!

It was indeed a wonderful evening like any big day!

I happened to reach there a bit earlier than expected! And from there began my journey where I could relate to everything that I saw there be it the colors used or for that matter be it deco at the place. I just knew everything and that made it even more memorable.

As my eyes were busy scanning the details of that big day, MC requested us to leave our seats to welcome the bridal entourage! One of the biggest bridal entourages that I had ever seen! (There were tooo many cute flower girls and page boys!!!)

Soon, the much awaited time was finally here
Music plays!
And there the couple walked down the aisle,
With happiness in hearts and a bright smile on their face, welcoming each and everyone to their big day!

It wasnt that they weren't nervous but the feeling of happiness suppressed that nervousness... Amidst all this they finally shared their wedding cake piece, simultaneously the firecrackers dazzled and did it's work and helped the cameraman to get a picture perfect for the lens!

My friend was not a great public speaker but he enjoyed hosting debates or argument with friends/ colleagues. That day, when the moment arrived when he had to say a few words - well hoping that he wouldn't read his speech from his phone/ or a piece of paper - among several people standing there. I saw a completely different and a mature side of my friend there, you could say 7.0 version of the latest software. When he started the speech - I was sure, he was going to make this his best speech as all that he will be saying is right from his heart. And well yes indeed it was a wonderful speech but one thing what made it even special was, the description of his and his wife's conversation  - well and thats something I will remember for years altogether.

It goes something like this - 
"As I and my wife were in the car - I asked her a question after the nuptials ceremony was over it goes like this - when you turned behind for offertory what did you see - she replied people; yes besides people what else did you see, and this time she replied what I wanted to hear - Along with those people there were several blessings too for us and our marriage!" 

Yes! Truly the couple was meant for eachother and seeing them together, the celebration of their togetherness was not just happening at the village but also up above in heaven! As it wasn't just a union of these two love birds but a union of two friends who together saw a dream to marry eachother 10 years ago and on that day bought their that dream into reality!

Hoping you both have one of the best marriages in this entire world. All the best :)

Tip for the day -
Try to see a situation from both the sides of the coin! It may seem one thing to you but indeed there maybe another and a much interesting perspective to it. In life or for that matter in any situation remember - Broaden your horizon, the more you see, the more you understand!😇

Friday, 9 December 2016

Happy Reading!!!

“Sometimes when you lose your way, you find YOURSELF.”

Well, in my case this quote - stands out. Indeed I would say, after loosing my way, I got an opportunity to explore my true self. And indeed, it feels amazing to start this new blog of mine - "Being Allycaral"

This blog - Being Allycaral is about my journey of exploring the ordinary me to the perfect me through the various experiences that I came across while my travelling mode was on. And if I put this in one of the simplest form, well I would say our lives can be thought of as a roller coaster ride. In this journey of life there are several ups and downs of almost anything and everything! And this blog will help you find my experiences - in other words my travel diaries.

Keeping the spirits high, I'm back with yet another blog exploring my life experiences and also here to share the distinctive perspective my life with the world. After the grand success of my two blogs, & here's this blog!

I hope you all will have an amazing time reading this blog!!!

This is dedicated to my Dr. Jug!

Thank You!!!

Happy Reading!!!