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DESTINATION INDIA - GOA : The Carpet of Joy, Saligao

Carpet of Joy - as the name suggest this place brings exceptional joy to the people who visit this place. The phenomenonal placement of plastic bottles and skill with which this was created, seriously hats off to Museum of Goa- (MOG)!  This initiative is not just a tourist attraction but also brings forth a strong message of keeping Goa clean and green. Understanding the growing epidemic of littering of plastic in the state is slowly but very largely increasing the garbage into this pristine coastline and diverse ecosystem. This project of MOG is targetted towards the youth in particular as they will grow up to be the future and indeed an instrumental agents to educate both the children as well as the adults of the society!

FACTS TO KNOW: A total of 150000 plastic bottles were used to create this beautiful structure with the help of over 3,000 and more students worked to ensure this initiative was a success. Certainly, if there's something called 'Wealth out of best' then th…

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